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Adam and Nephilim (Korean)
Chang Kim
Voice of New Light
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Chapter 1 The two ancestors of mankind - Adam and Nephilim

    The third day of creation - Adam

    The significance of number 3 - the preparation of the offspring of the woman

    The number 6 - an incomplete number and the preparation of the offspring of the serpent

    Numerous challenges in the Bible due to a false initial premise

Chapter 2 The nameless people trying to kill Cain - the primitive man, Nephilim

    The reason why Cain became a fugitive

    The era when Adam and Eve produced Cain and Abel

    The reason why the nameless people would try to kill Cain

    Moses's intention for recording the nameless people

Chapter 3 The DNA of Eve and the Female are different

    DNA that recognizes God - Yes vs. No

    Creation period - after Adam vs. same as the Male

    Creation place - inside the Garden of Eden vs. outside the Garden of Eden

    The reason why God placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and allowed the Nephilim to prosper

    Materials - Adam's rib vs. earthly soil

    Essence - DNA of the living soul vs. no living soul

    Given food - spiritual food (the Word) vs. earthly food

    Granted blessing - blessing of eternal life vs. blessing of the Earth

    The fruits of their descendants - the holy seed vs the seed of man and the seed of beast

Chapter 4 Who was the woman that Cain met and married in the land of Nod?

    Evidence that Cain’s wife was not a descendant of Adam

    “The land of Nod” that became the Babylonian region

    Cain's wife was prepared to give birth to the offspring of the serpent - Nephilim

Chapter 5 The offerings and sacrifices of Cain and Abel

    Cain, the founder of shamanism and prosperity gospel

    Abel, the ancestor of faith, who recognized the kingdom of God and its righteousness

    The fruits of evil that manifested through Cain's offering and sacrifice

    The fruits of good that appeared through Abel's offering and sacrifice

    The genealogy of Cain: the offspring of the serpent emerge

    The genealogy of Seth: the appearance of the offspring of the woman

    The offerings and sacrifices of Cain and Abel that fulfilled His redemptive history

Chapter 6 The mystery of the heaven and earth that were created in the Beginning

    The original heaven and earth - God’s first heavenly throne in the spiritual world

    From singular “heaven” to plural “heavens”

    Above and under the firmament where the water of life flows

    The original earth was without form and void

    God the potter’s purpose in creating the heaven and the earth in the beginning

    The original heaven and earth are the source of human life

Chapter 7 The creations of Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 are different

    The creations of Genesis 1 and 2 are different

    The wild beasts and every bird in the air created in the garden of Eden

    The process of creating man are different

Chapter 8 The reason why God planted the tree of knowledge of good and evil

    The first temple on Earth: the Garden of Eden, the spiritual world

    Tree of knowledge of good and evil - God’s Law

    The fruit of good and the fruit of evil are produced through the knowledge of God’s law

    Why Adam and Eve had to leave the Garden of Eden

    Why the fruit from the tree of life was banned to eat from

    The reality of the fruits from the tree of life and the tree of good and evil

    The purpose for planting the tree of life and the tree of good and evil in the midst of the Garden

    God's intention for allowing them to eat the fruit of good and evil

Chapter 9 The descendants of Cain - the mixed-Nephilim

    The Law era foretold before the flood of Noah

    The Gospel era foretold before the flood of Noah

    The spring feasts of the Lord revealed through Enoch’s death

    The prison that was prepared by Enoch and its purpose

Chapter 10 The offspring of the Nephilim appearing after the flood of Noah

    The pure-blooded Nephilim that existed before the flood

    The reality of the sons of God and the daughters of men

    The preparation of the prison

    The offspring of the Nephilim after the flood from the genealogy of Ham

    Ham's wife who entered the ark as a stump of the offspring of the serpent

    The stump of the kingdom of priests - Noah's third son, Shem

    The reason why Noah cursed Canaan (Ham’s descendants)

    The significance of the mountain requested by Caleb


I was a man who wasn't aware of God by any means. On the first day of my visit to a Korean church in Los Angeles, through the invitation from an associate in 1994, the Holy Spirit appeared to me exquisitely, and for the first time in my life I experienced the actual presence of God. From that day forward, I spent my time throughout my thirties, forties, and fifties serving the church with joy and dedication.

I was encouraged by many pastors, who deeply cared about me, to study theology and take the road leading to being a pastor. However, it wasn’t my calling to attend seminary classes, instead God trained me as a prayer intercessor and gave me a heart to pray for all nations for over 20 years. Through these small prayer meetings, I was led to encounter the God who is living and active.

Over the years, God anointed me every day and for all intents and purposes, revealed to me the secrets of His profound and hidden spiritual world. I was astonished to learn that the mystery of the redemptive history that fulfills the kingdom of God is contained in the structure of the tabernacle and the components in it. What also enlightened me was that the exact time of the mystery of Christ's Second Coming, in accordance to God's timetable, was prophesied in the Everlasting Gospel, which is recorded in the book of Revelation. The time is set by the Seven Feasts of the Lord, the Jubilee system, the Last Seven Years of Great Plenty, and the Seven Years of Famine in the period of two Sabbath, and this was prepared for the last Jubilee generation.

I truly desire for the Everlasting Gospel, which will be delivered as new food of life during the last day, to be re-prophesied to the churches and saints of the nations, to prove the infallibility of the Bible by revealing the truth of the Bible that has been silenced for thousands of years, and to restore the spiritual worship that will rebuild the walls of the nations that have collapsed in this era.

The purpose of this book is to pour out the anointing of the Holy Spirit of the Latter Rain on the Lamps of the 7,000 sons of light, who were prepared as the righteous saints among God’s people during the last harvest, to illuminate the Lamps to all nations by waking them up during the dark age where sin prevails, and to restore the sisters and brothers who hunger and thirst for righteousness through comforting and healing.

Let us restore the churches of the nations of this era and pray together with a contrite spirit.

In the name of the Lord, I love each and every one of you, Shalom!

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